Through tough training and attention to proper technique in the martial art Okinaway Goju Ryu karate, Sensei Moyer has been my guide in strengthening body, mind, and spirit over the last 15 years. This fortitude pays daily dividends – physical, mental, and spiritual – and will continue to throughout my entire life. Additionally, Sensei Moyer’s selflessness and refusal to rest on his laurels – of which he has many – make him an inspiration to me and my family.

Elizabeth Kivowitz Boatright-Simon

Kent graduated from the best business school in the world, Wharton, in 2007. He is the real deal in the security world and runs an extremely efficient and profitable business. He can help you turn your business around and double your growth.

Security Company Owner

Kent has helped my company achieve twenty percent growth in less than six months. After seeing this I decided to give him equity. To have him as my virtual CEO and have access to all his resources and knowledge was the best business decision I have made.

Security Company Owner with a company that has $500,000 in revenues

After hearing Kent speak at an business seminar I decided to hire like to hire him on as a consultant for my company. The only downfall was the shock that I experienced when I realized how much work my company needed to operate efficiently.

Security Company Owner with 2000 employees

I heard Kent speak on the business aspect of running a security company. I had all intentions of opening my own company but decided to hold off because he made me realize I was not equipped at that time to run that type of business. This decision ended up saving me around 300,000 investment and countless hours.

Executive Protection Agent in Florida

Kent Moyer is the Donald Trump of security.

From a Security Company Owner in California